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At Triton Foundation Repair, we specialize in all aspects of residential and commercial foundation repair including: concrete pier foundation repair, steel pier foundation repair, and pier and beam foundation repair. To get started, Triton provides free, no obligation evaluations in order to provide you with the best method of repair. 


Steel Piers

  1. Steel piers regularly achieve depths of 30 feet, resulting in a pier that sits on rock..
  2. Steel piers are not friction piers. They are point bearing or end bearing piers. This means they sit on load bearing strata.
  3. All of our steel parts are engineered specifically for foundation repair.
  4. The pier consists of double walled steel pipe. The inner pipe is 2 3/8 in diameter, while the outer wall is 2 7/8 in diameter.
  5. The design of the system guarantees that each piece of the system is locked together.
  6. The Triton Steel System comes with a no-cost Lifetime Transferable Warranty. This means that any future adjustments would be done at no cost to the homeowner.
  7. No Warranty Transfer Fees. The Warranty stays with the home, regardless of owner.


Concrete Piers

Concrete Pier Top

  1. The Triton Piling is the most cost-effective system on the market
  2. All concrete material used is high-strength concrete.
  3. The cap block is made of 9860 PSI concrete. The cylinders are made of 11980 PSI concrete. Each cylinder is 6 in diameter and 1ft long.
  4. All materials are engineered specifically for foundation repair.
  5. Driving the pilings into the soil tests the load bearing capacity of the soil.
  6. Proper depth is guaranteed by driving the pilings against the load of the structure.
  7. The Perma Pile pier system comes with a Lifetime Transferable Warranty.
  8. No Warranty Transfer fees. The Warranty stays with the home, regardless of owner.

 ** Some restrictions may apply to the application of this type of pier.

Pier and Beam

  1. Most homes with crawlspaces were built with supports under the floor system to hold the floor and interior of the home at its proper elevation. As these fail, you start to see signs of failure inside the home.
  2. Depending on the square footage of the home, additional supports will need to be added to lift and support the home.
  3. As many as 30-40 may be needed but a typical home in Oklahoma only requires about 20.
  4. Using all steel and concrete materials, we install them where they are needed in order to get the floor system lifted to as close as original as possible.
  5. While we are installing the new pad piers, we will re-shim any of your existing pad piers that still have value.
  6. Most Pier and Beam jobs can be completed in 1 day and most can be done completely from under the house. They also come with a 5 year warranty.

Seamless Guttering

A proper guttering system is the most effective and efficient way to protect your foundation.Seamless Guttering
Preventing standing water around the home can prevent costly repairs later. Most seamless gutter contractors don't install the system with the foundation in mind. Triton knows better than anyone how important this is to the life of the home.

  • Wide range of colors
  • Leaf guard
  • Below ground drainage
  • Annual gutter cleaning
  • Maintenance
  • FREE no pressure evaluations

 Don't wait!  Seamless gutters are a valuable addition to the property and can increase the value. Foundation repair isn't!

A Word from Our Customers

If you own or are planning to buy a house in Oklahoma there’s a good chance your home has or will have some type of foundation issues. If you call Jeff Wedig those foundation issues are nothing to worry about! Jeff has a strong level of integrity, he does what he says he will do, does high quality work, and communicates very well. Hearing you need piers or foundation work done is never what you want to hear, but if Jeff Wedig is doing the work you have nothing to worry about!

- Curtis Kupfersmith, Realtor, Keller Williams Central Oklahoma


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